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Oesophageal cancer is the sixth leading cause of cancer related death affecting up to 450,000 people globally each year.

The main surgical treatment for oesophageal cancer is an oesophagectomy - an operation to remove part of the oesophagus and stomach followed by a join between the remaining oesophagus and stomach. The techniques involved to create this join vary and can involve various stitching methods and stapling devices.

A proportion of these joins will breakdown and this results in the patients becoming very unwell with a resulting increase in the risk of death. The strategies to manage this complication again vary and include:
  • No surgical intervention
  • An endoscopic intervention or
  • A further surgical procedure

This international audit will look at the rates of breakdown of these joins, commonly termed a ‘leak’, how they are managed and the effect on the patient outcomes.

The information collected from this audit will help to develop recommendations on how to prevent and manage this serious complication
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1. Audit start date: April 2018

2. End of data collection by: TBC

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